A Guide To Spending Easter In Madrid in 2023 (2024)

Does Easter in Madrid sound like a good idea? It is! Easter is one of the best times to visit the city. But you may need a little help choosing the best celebrations. As a Madrid local, I have listed everything you need to know about Easter in Madrid, so the only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy.

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How To Celebrate Easter In Madrid: Best Things To See And Do

Easter is a great time to visit Madrid. While you may have heard more about Seville’s Easter celebrations, Madrid also has plenty of events during the Holy Week (Semana Santa). Most residents leave the city for a few days off over the Easter weekend. Traffic and queues drop dramatically, making the city easier to explore.

The Semana Santa begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. In Madrid, only Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are bank holidays. The Holy Week’s calendar includes religious celebrations, concerts, and other fun things to do.

Of course, there are also plenty of special Easter treats to eat! In this guide, we share our top tips for spending Easter in Madrid, plus a list of the top things to do to get a real taste of traditional easter celebrations in the Spanish capital.

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Admire The Pasos At The Holy Week Processions

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Whether you’re religious or not, to experience the spectacular fervor of the Semana Santa you must see a procession. There is at least one procession a day throughout the week, organized by different brotherhoods and confraternities.

The members dress in traditional robes and hoods to parade the pasos (decorated floats with statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary) on the city’s streets. Pasos are usually accompanied by rolling drums or traditional singing, thesaetas, creating a unique atmosphere. Also, some of the statues have great artistic and historical value, as they date back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Top Easter processions in Madrid:

  • La Borriquita (Palm Sunday): It is one of the biggest Easter processions in Madrid. It starts from the Almudena Cathedral, beside the Royal Palace, and it crosses the city center to end in the Malasaña quarter.
  • Cristo De Los Estudiantes (Palm Sunday): The beautiful cross is a creation of Luis Salvador Carmona, one of the most renowned sculptors of the 18th century.
  • Jesús El Pobre (Holy Thursday): The statue of Jesus Christ dates back to the 18th-19th century, and its author remains unknown.
  • Cristo De Medinaceli (Good Friday): The Medinaceli Christ has the reputation of being miraculous. The statue came from Mehdya (Morocco), under Spanish occupation during the 17th century. Years later, the sultan gained back the city and kept the Medinaceli Christ as a spoil of war. Finally, the monks retrieved it to send back to Spain. It arrived in Madrid in 1682.

Be Moved by The Traditional Singing Of The Saetas

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The saeta is an emotional religious song influenced by flamenco that accompanies the Pasos. They are popular in Andalusia and considered the legacy of the Franciscan chant, the muezzin’s Adhan, and the Jewish psalmody.

You can enjoy them during Madrid’s processions. But don’t worry if you don’t get there in time. Many other musical events celebrate saetas during these days, like the concerts organized by the Casa Museo Lope de Vega.

Location: Casa Museo Lope de Vega

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Feel the Beat of the Drum Parade in Plaza Mayor

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The drum parade is another highly anticipated event. Over 100 drummers parade from the nearby square Plaza Conde de Miranda to the Plaza Mayor for this one-hour event that closes the Holy Week. This ancient tradition is also part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Pro Tip:Do you want a privileged view of the processions or the drummer’s parade? Check the itinerary and book a hotel with a balcony over the event. Here is our list of the best hotels in Madrid.

Eat the Traditional Treats of Semana Santa

A Guide To Spending Easter In Madrid in 2023 (4)

It is not the Holy Week without tasting Madrid’s traditional comida. A must-have pleasure is thetorrijas. It consists of slices of bread soaked in milk (sometimes wine), dipped in egg, deep-fried, and topped with sugar and cinnamon. The fantastic thing about torrijas is the texture, which is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

If you have a sweet tooth, also try theflorones and thebuñuelosde viento. The former are deep-fried pastries shaped like a flower. The latter are fried dough cakes filled with cream or chocolate.

For a savory aperitif, try the Soldaditos de Pavía or Pavías. They are small pieces of deep-fried cod served with sliced red pepper. Tradition says that the colors inspired the dish’s name, as they remind of the soldiers’ uniforms during the battle of Pavía.

Cod is the main ingredient in many Easter recipes, so you can also rely on the delicious croquetas. A long walk in Retiro Park or the Casa de Campo is what you need after all these fritters.

Catch an Easter Music Concert at San Ginés Church

A Guide To Spending Easter In Madrid in 2023 (5)

The Easter concert program in Madrid is pretty rich. Bach, Mozart, and all the great pieces of religious music fill the air of churches and theaters. Of all the events, the organ concerts in the San Ginés Church are unique.

From Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, the San Ginés Church hosts liturgical music concerts with vocal ensembles to celebrate each of these days of the Holy Week. Check out the church’s official calendar of events for concert information.

After the show, try the hot chocolate with churros in the nearby Chocolateria San Ginés. It’s so popular that it’s almost impossible to get a spot during busy seasons like Christmas. Easter is a great opportunity because you can avoid long waiting lines.

Location: San Ginés Church | Chocolateria San Ginés

Watch a Traditional Passion Play in Chinchón

A Guide To Spending Easter In Madrid in 2023 (6)

There are at least 10 locations near Madrid that organize Easter festivals that would make for a great day trip. Among them, I suggest two locations: Chinchón and Alcalá de Henares.

Chinchón is a lovely little village that hosts a long-held tradition of the play of the Passion of Christ on Holy Saturday. It’s a great way to see a bit beyond the city of Madrid and join in traditional Easter celebrations. See the website for up-to-date information about the Passion in Chinchón.

Alcalá de Henares has tremendous historical and architectural value, so it’s a great day trip all year round. Over Easter, the town hosts a traditional festival featuring multiple processions in celebration of Semana Santa.

Location: Chinchón | Alcalá de Henares

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A Guide To Spending Easter In Madrid in 2023 (7)

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Where To Stay in Madrid

Madrid is a vast city with many areas to stay in, including beyond the downtown area. Choose a hotel near the top things you want to see in this beautiful old city.

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A Guide To Spending Easter In Madrid in 2023 (2024)


What to do in Madrid on Easter 2023? ›

Things to do on Easter in Madrid
  • Go on a City Tour of Madrid. ...
  • Witness La Borriquita procession. ...
  • Miércoles Santo Procession (Holy Wednesday) ...
  • Jueves Santo Procession (Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday) ...
  • Sacred musical performances on Easter Sunday. ...
  • Head to Toledo for another unique Easter experience.
Mar 14, 2023

Is Madrid busy at Easter? ›

Easter is a great time to visit Madrid. While you may have heard more about Seville's Easter celebrations, Madrid also has plenty of events during the Holy Week (Semana Santa). Most residents leave the city for a few days off over the Easter weekend.

Is April a good time to visit Madrid? ›

Springtime, especially the months between April and late May, is another great time to visit for beautiful weather. Average highs range from the low 60s to the low 70s.

What is the best month to go to Madrid Spain? ›

Spring and fall are ideal times to visit Madrid. May and October are the best months, in terms of weather and crowds.

What to wear in Madrid in mid April? ›

Light, breathable tops or a flowy maxi dress are both great ideas. A light jacket: The most challenging time to know how to dress in Madrid, is without a doubt, spring. Some days can be quite cool (especially in March and early April), so play it safe and bring along a light jacket for chilly mornings and evenings.

Is it cold in Madrid in April? ›

The average rainfall is around 50mm, which means it'll rain on ten days of the month. The average temperature during the day is around 11°C with pleasant highs of 17°C.

What is the busiest travel day over Easter? ›

Busiest days and times on the road at Easter
  • Friday: 4.62 million trips.
  • Monday: 3.96 million trips.
  • Saturday: 3.63 million trips.
  • Sunday: 3.63 million trips.
Mar 28, 2023

Do things close in Spain for Easter? ›

The first thing to know is that Good Friday (7th) is a public holiday across Spain so most shops will be closed. Maundy Thursday (6th) is a public holiday in many parts of Spain but not all, as is Easter Monday (10th).

Are things open in Spain during Easter? ›

A Guide to the Days of Semana Santa

It is a public holiday in Spain. You will find that a large majority of the shops are closed. Many of the bars and restaurants will also be closed. There are processions throughout the day.

How many days are enough for Madrid? ›

A satisfactory first-time visit might take four days, ideally five. That should be enough to help you have a good idea of what Madrid is all about.

What is the weather like in Madrid at Easter? ›

Weather in Madrid in April

Crisp, sunny spring days are a given throughout much of April in Madrid. Daytime temperatures often settle in the mid-60s Fahrenheit (16–18º Celsius).

What are the cheapest months to go to Madrid? ›

When's the cheapest time to go to Madrid? Apart from Christmas, Madrid is cheapest in winter from November to February.

Is Madrid crowded in April? ›

April is part of the shoulder season in Madrid, which means the tourist hotspots wouldn't be as crowded as in the summers or festive winters.

What is the cheapest month to go to Spain? ›

According to Hotels.com, the cheapest time to visit Spain is usually from December to March, which also happens to coincide with both its coldest months and its thinnest tourism season.

Is Madrid an expensive city? ›

Despite its status as the capital of Spain and as a very cosmopolitan city, it's easy to get around Madrid without spending a lot of money. The city's public transportation infrastructure is comprehensive, efficient and affordable, and includes buses, metro lines and suburban trains.

Can you wear shorts in Spain in April? ›

In April we recommend you pack some summer gear like shorts and t-shirts and maybe sandals but you should only wear this in the mid-day sun. The mornings and evenings are much cooler and if rainy windy day can be very chilly.

Can I wear jeans in Madrid? ›

You can't go wrong with a pair of well-fitted denim, whatever time of year you're visiting Spain. In fact, it's common for both men and women to wear trousers or jeans on a daily basis, despite the heat. Shirts and classic button-downs are also year-round favourites and can be easily layered with a winter jacket.

Can you wear leggings in Madrid? ›

If you're doing a lot of walking in Madrid, activewear can seem like a comfortable option, but wearing leggings in Spain is a surefire way to make you stick out like a sore thumb. Spanish women do not wear gym clothes outside of the house; instead, they opt for something comfortable but fashionable.

What is the weather like in Spain at Easter? ›

It's pretty mild at this time of year, but it's a good idea to bring along a jumper or light jacket for the evenings. The average daily maximum is 22 C and the average daily minimum is 7 C.

Is Spain rainy in April? ›

Some rain is possible on about 10 days this month, however, only 5 days typically will record 1 mm (0.04 inches) or more. The number of daylight hours increases from 12.7 hours on April 1st to just short of 14 hours by the 30th, allowing ample time to get out and explore this interesting city.

What season is April in Madrid? ›

1. SPRING: March, April, May. Madrid is at its best in the spring, even though you will risk getting some rainfall during March, April and even May. March and April bring temperatures of around 12ºC (54ºF), and while March is unpredictable in terms of rain, April is almost guaranteed to suffer from precipitations.

Is it more expensive to travel during Easter? ›

Travel site Travelocity tends to agree, noting that the week before Easter through Good Friday is when April hotel and airfare packages are at their most expensive.

What is the least traveled day? ›

Weekend vs weekdays

However, Tuesday and Wednesday are often less busy. This is because you have to take more days off work to fly mid-week, which people are usually reluctant to do. Upgraded Points notes that these days are also often cheaper.

What is the best day to fly internationally? ›

International flights are usually cheaper on weekdays, while you will usually find the airfare is cheaper for internal flights if you book on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. The most expensive days to book flights from the US are usually Fridays or Sundays.

Are restaurants open in Spain Easter Monday? ›

Many restaurants will be operating as normal during the Easter period. However, as with any holiday period, some restaurants will have their doors closed.

What day is everything closed in Spain? ›

Often people assume that the Sunday closures are a reflection of Spain's laidback lifestyle, and that Spaniards still see Sundays as a day of rest. While it is true that most Spaniards do still use Sundays to relax, eat, and spend time with family, it's not entirely that simple.

Is Sagrada Familia open on Easter Monday? ›

The Sagrada Familia is open Mondays through Sundays.

Do you have to wear masks in Spain on holiday? ›

The use of face coverings is mandatory for anyone over the age of 6 years if you are in the following situations: visiting a hospital or medical centre (including other healthcare settings such as dentists, opticians, pharmacies etc.) visiting a care or nursing home.

Is Easter a good time to visit Spain? ›

The best time to visit Spain is either in the late spring from April to May or early fall from September to November. As they're considered the shoulder seasons, you'll find pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and affordable accommodations in Spain during these times.

How long is Easter break in Spain? ›

Spanish primary schools and their secondary counterparts all have breaks of around two weeks for Christmas, one to two weeks for Easter and a longer summer holiday, plus several national holidays.

Is Madrid a walkable city? ›

Is Madrid easy to get around on foot? Indeed it is—in fact, that's the best way to experience the city! Most of the city's iconic sites are within walking distance of each other, and the main roads and plazas are easy to navigate around as well.

How much spending money do you need for a week in Madrid? ›

How much money will you need for your trip to Spain? You should plan to spend around €150 ($164) per day on your vacation in Spain, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, €40 ($43) on meals for one day and €27 ($30) on local transportation.

Is it better to go to Barcelona or Madrid? ›

Access to the Rest of Spain

Barcelona also has some good day trips, including Figueres (for the Dali museum) and Sitges (for the beach), but Madrid's day trips are unbeatable. When it comes to exploring the rest of Spain, Madrid's central location makes it far superior to the north-eastern Barcelona.

What is Madrid known for? ›

Things that make Madrid a unique city
  • We are a World Heritage Site. ...
  • It is the city of Almodóvar. ...
  • It is the capital of flamenco. ...
  • Enjoy a coffee where Garcia Lorca and Orson Welles​ once did. ...
  • You can have lunch (or dinner) at the oldest restaurant in the world. ...
  • No one has as many European Cup titles as Real Madrid.

Is Madrid worth seeing? ›

So, is Madrid worth visiting? Yes indeed. It is the perfect spot for a 2-3 day vacation to relax, explore and enjoy everything that Spain—has to offer—all within a decent budget. Although, if it's your first time in Spain, you may want to consider beach destinations instead.

What is the coldest month in Madrid? ›

Winters in Madrid are cold and dry, and snow does fall now and then, especially in late December and in January. However, Madrid isn't known to be a particularly snowy city. January is the coldest month of the year, when average temperatures can be as low as 6ºC (43ºF) on average.

What is Real Madrid worst season? ›

In the 1947–48 season, Madrid finished eleventh, which remains, as of 2022, the club's lowest final position.

How much does a meal cost in Madrid? ›

BUDGET DINNER Prices in Madrid: €15-€25

You can also sample a few and make a meal out of them. Expect to pay €3-€5/tapas or about €15 for dinner. You should also be able to find dinner at a restaurant in a less touristy part of town for around €13-€18.

How much money do you need for a month in Madrid? ›

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Spain? We recommend budgeting between 800€-1500€ per month to live comfortably in Spain. We recommend using the tool Numbeo for a complete break down and comparison of prices in different cities around Spain.

Should I visit Spain in April? ›

April is an ideal time of year to visit Spain. The weather is warm and sunny, but not too hot to enjoy the many outdoor activities that cities across the country have to offer. When the weather warms up, it's only natural that Spaniards celebrate the beautiful spring days with a month full of festivals.

Is 4 days in Madrid too long? ›

You can certainly spend all four days in Madrid, but I recommend taking one day trip. You'll find plenty of gorgeous places to visit near the Spanish capital, and if you're a first-time visitor, either Toledo or Segovia will be a perfect choice as they're both must-see UNESCO-listed cities.

What is the White Week in Madrid? ›

During White Week, students take part in the day-to-day operations of Real Madrid C.F., visit the headquarters, meet directors of the club and executives of the sports industry, and join masterclasses.

Do you have to spend $100 a day in Spain? ›

Under post-Brexit rules, Spanish border officials can ask travellers to show that they have 'economic resources' to cover the cost of their trip. This amounts to €100 for each day of their trip. They must also possess a minimum of €900 for their whole stay.

How much cash should I bring to Spain? ›

In any case, and regardless of the length of stay, the traveller must have at least 810 euros or its equivalent in foreign currency.

How much money do I need for 2 weeks in Spain? ›

How to travel in Spain on a shoestring budget. How much you'll need for two weeks: €700-800. Cost per day: €50-60 or USD $60-70.

Is English spoken in Madrid? ›

While many foreigners who live in Spain do speak English, most locals don't. This is because their mother tongue is Spanish, so to answer the question 'what do people in Spain speak? ', it's Spanish. Particularly in those incredibly charming places to visit in Spain.

Is Madrid cheaper than USA? ›

Cost of living in Spain vs the USA

On average, the cost of living in Spain is 123% cheaper than in the USA. The biggest differences in cost are in rent, utilities, groceries, daycare, and health insurance.

What happens in Spain at Easter? ›

Easter Sunday in Spain is all about going to mass and staying home with family. It's a similar time to Christmas in that families often travel home for Easter, and a big meal is cooked and eaten together with family.

Does Spain close down for Easter? ›

A Guide to the Days of Semana Santa

This is the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is a public holiday in Spain. You will find that a large majority of the shops are closed. Many of the bars and restaurants will also be closed.

What do you do in Easter in Spain? ›

Locally known as the Pascua, Easter in Spain is celebrated with large floats carrying religious sculptures, singing in streets, and mile-long parades. Spaniards take part in the ritualistic celebration, joining the processions and dressing up in traditional clothing.

Where to spend Holy Week 2023? ›

Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, and Siargao

April is a summer season in the Philippines, and beaches are among the most famous Holy Week destinations for those who want to take a break. Relaxing on beaches like Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, and Siargao is worth experiencing.

What do Spanish people wear at Easter? ›

People who take part in the ritualistic celebrations of Easter in Spain typically dress in traditional clothing. Those who are doing penance will wear capirotes, tall conical hats that cover the face along with belted robes.

Where is the best place to go in Spain for Easter? ›

Seville. The Andalusian capital of Seville reigns supreme when it comes to Easter celebrations in Spain. Semana Santa has been celebrated here since the 16th century; today, the city holds a whopping 58 processions throughout the week that involve some 50,000 participants.

Are restaurants open in Spain over Easter? ›

Shops are not open in Spain on the public holidays of Good Friday and Easter Monday.

What are 3 Easter traditions? ›

Easter traditions include sunrise services or late-night vigils, exclamations and exchanges of Paschal greetings, flowering the cross, the wearing of Easter bonnets by women, clipping the church, and the decoration and the communal breaking of Easter eggs (a symbol of the empty tomb).

How is Easter different in Spain? ›

Easter Sunday in Spain, or El Domingo de Resurrección, is actually celebrated on both Sunday and Monday. On Easter Sunday, the day of Jesus' resurrection is celebrated by attending church for a special Easter mass.

What city in Spain is very famous for its Easter parades? ›

Malaga. Another Andalusian city with renowned Easter Week celebrations is Malaga, which features processions such as the Cristo de la Buena Muerte and the brotherhoods of the Sepulcro, Esperanza, and Cautivo.

Where is it riskiest to go on holiday in 2023? ›

Afghanistan has been identified as potentially the most dangerous country in the world to visit in 2023 according to recently published Risk Map 2023. Medical and security specialist International SOS named Syria the second-most dangerous destination to visit this year, followed by Ukraine, Mali and Iraq.

What not to do during Holy Week? ›

Good Friday and Black Saturday are considered days of mourning during the holy week, so making excessive noise are prohibited to preserve the solemnity of these days. Karaokes, honking of horns and even watching TV and listening to the radio are not allowed. Instead, people are encouraged to pray and reflect.

What are the 3 most important days during Holy Week? ›

This darkness symbolises the abandonment of Jesus by his disciples, and anticipates the anguish and tragedy of Good Friday later on in Holy Week. What follows then are the 'Triduum' of Holy Week – Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.


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